Monday, March 19, 2007

Killer Dragons Invade Tokyo

Spent the entire day with the Killer Dragons Tim and Bwana and Gargamel Kiyoka and Chanmen. We started off in Odaiba at Big Site for the Tokyo Toy Festival. After spending a good couple of hours shopping for toys, everyone ended up with a large bag or two filled with goodies. Next was the Taro Okamoto Museum in Kawasaki City. The Taro Museum was a lot of fun, and in a great location surrounded by a small forest. Taro's paintings and sculptures were odd, colorful, and amazing. From there we went to Nakano Broadway for some more toy shopping. Bwana picked up a nice vintage green King Walder figure, and shared some super hot takoyaki. The night ended in Koenji with some beer, ramune, okonomiyaki, and yakisoba. A very long, but very fun-filled day. Good night.

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Rhinomilk said...

mmmm... takoyaki
thanks for the insider pics!