Saturday, April 21, 2007

Kaiju Kollision Opening Party

Kaiju Kollision! I got to Super7 a little early on Friday the 13th to prepare my kaiju for display. There was a small group gathering in front of the shop for the event. I had the back wall of the shop to display my stuff, and the Gargamel Hedoran exclusive print set, while Josh set up his work along the side wall. As 7 o'clock came, the group turned into a line! Were they there for Kaiju Kollision, or were they the usual Super7 fans? I wasn't sure, but they did seem pretty excited. The party was a lot of fun. I got to meet a few friends, and some members too. All very nice people. Plus I even sold a few pieces! The day before I left Tokyo, I painted a few prizes for a raffle (Gargamel keychains, Smogun keychain, Mini Hedoran, Bullmask, and standard Hedoran), which happened later in the night. I hope all of these made it to a good home. Thanks to all who attended as well as Josh and all at Super7. Such an awesome night!

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