Saturday, July 14, 2007

Smog Fest at Nerdquake 2007

Smog Fest Hand Painted Kaiju Series Smogun! I will be releasing an exclusive limited edition of 13 hand painted Smogun figures at Nerdquake 2007. Each figure was painted by brush, airbrush, and/or splatter using every toxic color of the rainbow. No two Smoguns are alike, and each features at least 6 different colors. These will be available at Nerdquake 2007, and any remaining figures will be sold at the San Diego Comic Con Gargamel booth the following day.


ms. bianca said...

Man, I wish I was going to down to San Diego. Those are beautful!

Glenn said...

I hope Dj's get 1st dibs!

ATwistedThought said...

Koji these are nice nice nice maybe I will get lucky.