Thursday, July 10, 2008


Got my international driver's license this morning. Pretty easy to do but it's annoying having to do it every year. On the way back, I got a pic of this crazy apartment building. Not sure what the story is on this but it's pretty nuts. Must be difficult arranging furniture inside. I locked myself in my room the rest of the day, preparing for the San Diego Comic Con and my show at Super7 next month. Got a few pieces done and decided on an upcoming Tokoji Seijin colorway. More info on that later. Today's soundtrack included Das Oath, Kid Dynamite, Mastodon, and Tragedy. Tragedy has to be one of the best hardcore bands rocking these days, highly recommended if you haven't already heard them. Later in the evening I head over to Gargamel's studio to put the finishing touches on the SDCC Tokoji Seijin exclusive. I'm pretty excited about this release. Info and photos to come.

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