Sunday, August 31, 2008

Atami Hihokan

The Atami Hihokan, or Atami Adult Museum, is located at the top of the Atami Ropeway in the popular Atami hot spring resort area of Izu. It's a short cable car ride up to the top, where you can either step out on the platform and have a good look of the city, or swing around to the back of the building and enter the museum. In addition to the various displays of vintage adult toys and dioramas, you'll find some interactive displays (turn a crank to blow Marilyn Monroe's dress up revealing you know what), animated robotic scenes, videos, and more. The museum shop features genitalia shaped snacks, toys and novelties, and some really cool old-school arcade games. Win toys, sexy underwear, nurse outfits, etc. I won a sperm microscope in one of the crane games and they guy working there said it was the best prize in the machine. I'm not too into it myself. They don't allow photography in the museum, I was able to sneak in a couple shots but I think they reveal a little too much to post. Definitely worth a look if you're ever in Izu.

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