Thursday, March 12, 2009

Artshocker Show Tokyo

Artshocker Show Tokyo opened today in Yotsuya. Considering the gallery is located in an old elementary school, it's now a bad setup. The custom figures are displayed well in showcases, and artwork is displayed right above. The event features artwork and custom figures by a good array of artists from Japan and the states. Some of my favorites from the show included Martin's custom Zombie Ojo, Mr. Nishimura from M1's custom Tokoji Seijin called "Kappa Seijin", Butanohana's plush monkey in a plane, and Universal Pooyan's Globby with biker's jacket. The show lasts until Sunday. Definitely worth a visit, lots of fun stuff to see.

View some more pictures HERE.

And even more by Kaiju-Taro HERE.

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