Sunday, April 19, 2009

Earth Day Tokyo 2009

So what does Taro Okamoto's "The Myth of Tomorrow" painting (above) have to do with Earth Day? Not too much. I was originally planning on writing a little something on this weekend's Earth Day Tokyo 2009 ecology festival at Yoyogi Park, but it was so boring I didn't take any pictures. I expect to get information at events like this, but unfortunately it's been taken over by businesses using it to promote their "eco" products. Back to The Myth of Tomorrow. Okamoto originally did this huge mural for a hotel in Mexico City about 40 years back. When the hotel went out of business, the piece went missing. It was discovered only a few years ago, returned to Japan, restored, and is now on permanent display at Shibuya Station. Take a look next time you're there.

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