Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Slider Volume 1

Just received Slider magazine from Amazon Japan today and man was I disappointed with this dumb-ass cover. Slider is a new skateboard culture magazine or "mook" as they say in Japan. For those familiar with 80s skateboarding you might be able to recognize the Bones Ripper graphic in the background there. Amazon actually listed the magazine with the Bones Ripper on the cover, so I was getting pretty stoked. I guess the publisher made a last minute change and decided to go with the singer of the goofy boy band Tokio. Anyway, huge FAIL in my opinion. On to the contents. There's a rad article on the original Bones Brigade and Powell Peralta including current photos and interviews with all members, awesome section on 80s skateboards, stickers, clothes, fashion, etc. Definitely worth getting if you don't mind looking at the SUCKY cover every time you read it.

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