Thursday, April 28, 2011

Tokyo Auto Car-Wash Sucks

Had my car washed the other day at Tokyo Auto Car-Wash in Nakano. Got the works: a wash, steam cleaning of the underside, window coating, and body coating. It wasn't cheap. And when I got home, I realized these dumb-asses forgot to wax both tires on the left side. Not only that, they scratched a wheel. How do I know? Because I always clean them myself. By hand. When I returned to complain, they said they'd wax the tires, and denied scratching the wheel. Like I'm dumb enough to let these guys touch my car again? I didn't let them do the tires, and demanded they do something about the wheel. They again denied it, and refused to do anything besides wipe it off. Not sure how many of you reading this live in Tokyo and have a car. But if you do, do yourself a favor and avoid Tokyo Auto Car-Wash. They suck. And their work is totally not worth the money.

東京AUTO洗車. You suck.
And what's with your name?! Very original dumb-asses.

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