Saturday, July 30, 2011

Maboroshi Hakurankai Part 1

Maboroshi Hakurankai is a new "theme park" in Izu. It just recently opened (July 16th) at the site of the Izu Green Park, which closed about 10 years back. Izu Green Park was pretty much in ruins (and still is) until Japanese publisher Data House took over and created this crazy attraction. Maboroshi Hakurankai is a "museum" featuring 3 areas in 3 separate buildings of the park: Ancient Civilization, the Showa Period, and Post War Japan. There are no food or souvenir stands, only a tiny bookstore featuring books on topics such as: how to kill yourself, sex techniques, famous killers, penguins, and stupid Americans. I can't even describe this place, everything inside is pretty much recycled junk, a lot of which came from two pretty amazing adult museums which are now closed: the Ganso Kokusai Hihokan and the Toba SF Miraikan, both in Mie Prefecture. The now clothed sex mannequins still stand in their sultry poses but no longer in adult situations. Yeah, they kinda go along with the themes of their respective areas, but half of the displays make no sense at all. Sounds like the last place you'd want to visit on a vacation to Izu. NOT. This place is heaven. There is just so much craziness going on it blows the mind. I can't even begin to describe the strange sensation and fear of just walking through the exhibits. The sights, smells, the mystery, the creepiness. I hope these pictures can better describe the insanity of Maboroshi Hakurankai.

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