Friday, August 5, 2011

Dolphin Watching

Ever since I heard the story of Izumi Ishii's change of heart (see previous post), I've been wanting to take his dolphin watching tour. Last week we decided to try it out. His tours run out of Futo Port in the Izu Peninsula. Futo is a pretty tiny place, a popular spot for diving lessons, and I believe they actually still hunt dolphin there. We boarded Ishii's small boat at noon for a two hour tour of the surrounding area. The weather was a bit cloudy and it rained a little, but the ocean was nice and smooth. Not a bad day for a cruise. Unfortunately, we were unable to locate any dolphins. I was not at all disappointed, just happy to be there supporting Mr. Ishii. The guy is a hero. We'll be back for another try soon. If you're ever in Izu, you should too.

Izumi Ishii's Website (In Japanese and English).

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